Long-life flowers a blooming success

Innovative technology to preserve and extend the shelf life of fresh flowers, developed by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), is helping to boost job creation, skills development and establish new market opportunities for South Africa’s flower industry.

People have tried for centuries to preserve the beauty of flowers, but now local research at the NMMU’s Institute for Chemical Technology, InnoVenton, has perfected a technique that makes it possible to produce a natural alternative to artificial flowers.

A Gauteng-based company, African Floralush, which trades as Iluba, is using the patented treatment process to preserve fresh roses and foliage. Continue reading

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Preserved Flowers Grow Jobs and Market Opportunities

For purists and romantics, there is no substitute for a bouquet of roses. For the more practical-minded consumer, artificial flowers are the way to go.

The new Iluba rose falls directly between the two categories: It is a real flower that has been preserved to last — without water — for up to six months.

“We believe we are positioned in an extremely large market between the fresh flower market and the artificial floral industry,” says J. J. Viljoen, founder and director of African Floralush in Muldersdrift, South Africa, which produces the long-lasting Iluba roses and foliage. “Our market research found that people are buying artificial flowers because they can’t afford fresh-cut, but they still want flowers.” Continue reading

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Long-life fresh flowers for the vase

Lloyd Phillips found an interesting new product at Nampo to make a lasting impression on the fairer sex.

Constantly keeping the home bright and beautiful with fresh flowers can become an expensive, tedious task. And in winter there are few attractive flowers left to pick. Continue reading

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Eastern Cape technology keeps flowers fresh longer

A SOUTH African company has mastered the art of preserving fresh flowers for months – even up to a year–byusinga technology discovered and patented in the Eastern Cape.

Iluba, now based in Gauteng, supplies long-lasting fresh cut flowers and foliage for the local and international market, with exports to Europe and soon to Australia as well. Continue reading

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Beauty frozen in time

Tonia Dixon from African Floralush in Muldersdrift truly has a rose-tinted life — she is surrounded by fresh roses every day. Interesting enough, these roses last for up to six months and prefer no water! She chats to us about how they keep the ‘life’ in their flowers. Continue reading

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Real people doing unreal things

Business consultant JJ Viljoen has commercialised a number of innovative ideas in his time. But when the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth asked him to help market a new technology that preserves fresh cut roses for up to six months — or even longer — he was intrigued. Continue reading

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