Care Instructions

With minimal care and under normal indoors conditions, Iluba flowers and foliage will remain in pristine condition – looking as fresh as if they were picked this morning – for at least six months.

Iluba flowers and foliage are NATURAL are NOT  artificial. They are real – and as delicate as fresh cut ones – and they need to be handled with the same gentle care. Other than that, all you have to do is follow some very basic instructions to make them last for up to twelve months or longer.

  1. Limit handling of the flowers as much as possible. Unnecessary touching and squeezing of the flowers will significantly reduce their lifespan. People are always amazed by our beautiful flowers and as such are drawn to touch and squeezing them. Being natural flowers, this reduces the quality and life span of the flowers. Please avoid handling as far as possible.
  2. Do not water at all. If you water our flowers, the water in the vase will soon rot and cause the stems to  rot, as happens to fresh cut flowers over time. Iluba products have been specially treated so that they do not require any watering or other maintenance associated with fresh flowers.
  3. Please do not expose ilUba flowers to direct sunlight as extended UV exposure from direct sunlight will eventually damage the plant tissue and cause the colour to fade.
  4. Please do not expose the iLuba  roses tohigh humidity. Like any natural product, Iluba flowers and foliage will react negatively to extreme environmental conditions. Very humid and damp conditions may lead to the flowers becoming  “wet” looking, and droplets of moisture may appear on the leaves or petals. However, they will return to their natural soft state once climatic conditions have normalised. In regions of continuous high humidity, please use the flowers ONLY in air conditioned environments
  5. Very dry conditions will lead to flowers becoming dry and brittle, so avoid ALL handling under such conditions. The flowers will soften again once the moisture in the air normalises.

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