Frequently Asked Questions

Since our products are made from completely natural, fresh cut flowers and foliage, they are as fragile and delicate as fresh ones, and require careful and minimal handling. Since we cannot control the conditions they may subjected to once they leave our premises, we also cannot give any absolute guarantees about how long they will remain pristine. However, over the three-year period that they have been commercially available, our products have been proven to last for well over six months when handled with due care.

The natural pigment in fresh cut flowers fades and becomes brown with time. Iluba flowers are treated with natural dyes to reinforce their colour and ensure that they will last for longer and remain crisp and beautiful for months.

Iluba flowers are infused with natural perfumes to strengthen their fragrance. Their bouquet should last for some months, but will fade with time.

We use the same chemicals and preservatives that are commonly used in the commercial manufacture of cosmetics and processed food. Please note: Iluba flowers and foliage are intended for decorative use only, and we do not recommend that they be ingested.

Iluba flowers and foliage are natural, biodegradable and completely safe when used for decorative purposes.

When our products are exposed to high moisture levels, it may result in droplets of preservative and colouring forming on stems and petals. Should this happen, simply place them in a warm and dry environment overnight to dry them out.

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