Iluba was nominated for awards in the Industrial Development Corporation’s annual Business Partner Awards event. We were the 2012 winner in the category Innovation, as well as the 2012 Runner Up for  Job Creation. Iluba was also the winner in the DTI Technology Awards 2012.

Iluba – true beauty never fades

A long, long time ago, in the Cradle of Mankind, there lived an ancient African tribe, who was ruled by a powerful king and his lovely queen. So enthralled was the king by the beauty and grace of his queen, that he prayed to the ancestors to grant her immortality. And because the ancestors could see that his love was true and her beauty pure, they heard his prayers and granted his wish.To celebrate, the king instructed all the young maidens to gather the most exquisite fresh flowers in the kingdom for his beloved queen. From all the corners of the kingdom, the maidens returned, their arms overflowing with delicate blooms and flawless flowers in all the colours of the rainbow. So abundant were these flowers, with colours so rich and bright, that they seemed to have been plucked from the very stars, rivers, valleys and sun of the African plains.

It is said that, as soon as the queen gazed upon the precious blooms, they were perfectly frozen in time, preserved forever for her immortal pleasure – some even lasting up to this day.

And so, the legend of Iluba was born.

The ancient legend lives on in the enchanting and enduring beauty of Iluba flowers and foliage. We have mastered the art of preserving fresh flowers for your pleasure and enjoyment, using state-of-the-art technology – and, of course, a little love.